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First EMI Mindfulness Teacher Training Has Begun

Forty-two aspiring mindfulness teachers gathered last week for six days of intensive retreat with EMI faculty Fleet Maull & Kate Crisp. This incredible cohort of students will be training for the next year, at least, to become certified mindfulness facilitators and eventually certified mindfulness teachers.

We spent the week settling into several days of silence, working to deepen our mindfulness practice, and joining together in community. Fleet offered teachings throughout the week – on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, the Spirit of Mastery, and the Path of Teaching Mindfulness.

As this yearlong program transitions from a week of intense residential training, to nine months of online learning, there is a great energy coming from our time together. The forty-two participants, from all corners of the country (and from outside the US as well!) return home this week, to embody what they have learned, and continue to bring it out into the world, to those who need it most.

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