In addtion to our Keystone Mindfulness Teacher Training (300 hour) we offer many 'stand alone'online courses geared for ongoing learning and support for Mindfulness Teachers and Facilitators. 


with Sara Ness

Three action-packed sessions with master facilitator Sara Ness. 

Course Begins May 12, 11 am ET.
1.5-hour sessions for three Wednesdays.


Part of EMI's series of courses geared toward supporting Mindfulness Teachers in developing a broad palate of skills in facilitation. (FYI: although we focus on Mindfulness at EMI, these skills that Sara teaches are useful for any type of teaching). 

  • Where do you get feedback as a teacher that challenges, celebrates, and helps you to grow?

  • What happens when you confront the situations that scare you most?

In this series, we will practice facilitation and teaching from a place of direct experience. Expect engaging sessions that will ask you to push your comfort zone, while providing a safe space to connect and explore.


The three sessions with Sara may (or may not) include:

Skill Drills

In this session, we’ll break down some key skills of facilitation, and give you a chance to practice each of them separately. Build the muscles of your facilitation skills.

The Hard Stuff

What does it take to be a facilitator that others will listen to? How do you balance focus on yourself vs others, dignity with humility, and direction with responsiveness? In these sessions, you will get direct feedback - with a choice of how intense you want that to be! We’ll also cover how to give and receive feedback well.

Facing Your Demons

What situations do you most fear occurring in the groups, interactions, or sessions you lead? This class will put you up against those fears, in a place where it’s safe to address them and discover new options for what to do.



Sessions will be led by Sara Ness, the lead trainer at Authentic Revolution and Facilitation Academy. Sara is a highly experienced community leader and facilitator who is most commonly described with the adjectives “intuitive, transparent, powerful, benevolent, and tiny.” Sara has worked with over 900 leaders in sectors ranging from education to the Coast Guard on the art of authentic leadership. Her writings and teaching have led to the foundation of 30+ authentic relating communities, as well as performance troupes, nonprofits, several independent businesses, and at least one baby. Initially trained in conflict resolution and the study of intentional living communities, she now teaches authenticity, empathy, and culture-building worldwide.

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