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First EMI Mindfulness Teacher Training Begins in Three Weeks

We are so happy to be launching the first year of our Mindfulness Teacher Training & Certification program in just three weeks. We will have 40 participants coming in from 19 US states and three countries. This stellar group will meet for the first time in Rhode Island, for our opening weeklong retreat, in late September.

The participants are educators, counselors, social workers, attorneys, and yoga teachers. All are mindfulness practitioners, some are mindfulness teachers already, and all share a belief that mindfulness can and will improve the lives of the people that they seek to teach and serve. We have been blown away by the amazing work that our participants are currently doing, and that they are planning to do with their mindfulness training.

We are tremendously grateful to the 30+ amazing teachers who have contributed to the online courses that our first cohort of participants will be starting next month. This has been a tremendous collaborative endeavor and we are looking forward to seeing it go out into the world.

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