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Deepening Appreciation for Oneself and Others with Mindfulness Teacher Training

Updated: Apr 2

As I've gone through this year while having this daily practice, it's changed the way that I relate to people.

Our MTT500 grad Angela says this about mindfulness: "It changed how I relate to myself, being able to notice my emotions and sit with them and not be judgmental, which I think is something we all struggle with; you know, we beat ourselves up.

Having this personal practice allowed me to be gentle with myself. Doing that allowed me then to apply that same love I have for myself to others. Although I thought of myself as pretty loving before, I mean, worlds opened up when I could continue to deepen that appreciation for myself and have a greater appreciation not just for people I liked but for people I didn't even know. And so that has changed a lot for me."


Becoming a mindfulness teacher is a profound and purpose-driven journey that holds the potential to catalyze personal and societal transformation. By sharing the gift of mindfulness, you empower individuals to awaken to their fullest potential and contribute to co-creating a more compassionate, resilient, and interconnected world. As you embark on this sacred path of teaching and learning, you become an agent of positive change, inspiring others to embark on their journey of self-discovery and inner growth.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey that connects you deeply with a community of mindful learners? Join our next mindfulness teacher training course and experience the power of structured learning and meaningful connections for yourself.

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