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Pine St. Inn Staff Completes 8 Week Mindfulness Training

The Pine St. Inn provides housing, job training, and counseling to the homeless population of Boston, MA. Their staff are out there every day, helping the homeless find homes, the jobless find jobs, and the addicted get clean. It is inspiring and, I can only imagine, grueling work.

A group of about 15 of these fantastic staff members recently completed an eight week Mindfulness-Based Wellness and Resiliency training, led by EMI head trainer Fleet Maull, and several EMI training participants.

Staff participated in two full days of training, and eight two hour sessions, over the course of two months. They learned techniques for managing stress, avoiding drama, and practicing mindfulness, among many other valuable personal and professional skills.

We have more trainings coming down the line for the staff and clients of this wonderful institution, and hope that the mindfulness training helps them continue the incredible services they provide.

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