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Joseph Goldstein & EMI’s Mission

Updated: Apr 20

In the midst of recording meditation instruction for our upcoming training, and discussing his view of what it takes to become a mindfulness teacher, Joseph Goldstein reflected on the mission of the Engaged Mindfulness Institute:

“Bringing these practices, which have been so helpful for thousands of years – these are well-tested – to bring these practices into arenas and populations where they are not easily accessed is a tremendous gift and service.”

That is a great summation of what we at the Engaged Mindfulness Institute believe. That mindfulness practices work, that there are many who don’t have access to them, and that it is a great service to offer the practices in places where they are sorely needed but not readily available.

Joseph Goldstein’s work is a great inspiration to us, and we are pleased and inspired to offer his teachings as part of our mindfulness teacher training.

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