Free Guided Mindfulness Meditations

Looking for a way to jump start your mindfulness practice or gain instruction from a variety of teachers? Check out these free audio resources provided by They offer breath meditations by Diana Winston, Susan Kaiser Greenland, and Jon Kabat-Zinn.

They also share the following list of other websites that offer guided meditations free of charge:

  1. Free guided meditations from UCLA

  2. UCSD Center for Mindfulness

  3. Basic meditation with Tara Brach

  4. Contemplative Mind in Society

  5. Insight Meditation Society 

To these we can add:

  1. Dharmaseed – a vast collection of talks from teachers in the vipassana/insight tradition. Includes many good body scan and basic mindfulness meditations, and teachings on the Four Foundations: mindfulness of body, feeling, mind, and phenomena and Four Immeasurables: loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity.


If you’re looking to become trained as a mindfulness teacher qualified to guide meditations yourself, consider our 300-hr Mindfulness Teacher Training program.

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