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Fleet Trains Staff of Pine St. Inn


The Pine St. Inn serves more than 1,600 homeless individuals every day. They offer truly amazing integrated services, ranging from food and shelter, to job training and placement, to mental health and substance abuse treatment.

And now mindfulness.

Fleet gave a day-long training in Mindfulness-based Wellness & Resiliency to a group of staff from different departments of the organization, as a first step to integrating mindfulness into the organization’s offerings.

It was inspiring to spend the day with a group of people so dedicated to working with some of the hardest-pressed people in our society. The room was filled with individuals who are deeply committed to making sure that the homeless among us receive the resources that they need and deserve to make a better life for themselves. It is not easy work, as anyone in the social-services field can attest. Mindful of this, Fleet offered a host of simple practices that can help those working with difficult and/or traumatized populations, to ease stress and strain, and build resiliency and presence.

This one-day training is just the beginning of what will be a 10 week ongoing program, so we are wishing our new friends over at the Pine St. Inn the best of luck in their journey!

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