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Become a Mindfulness Facilitator with EMI's Teacher Training Program

Updated: Apr 2

This May, the Engaged Mindfulness Institute (EMI) is excited to welcome a new cohort into our transformative Mindfulness Teacher Training Program. Aimed at empowering individuals to bring mindfulness to underserved communities, this program is a significant step toward becoming a Certified Professional Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P).

"First and foremost, this program has given me the skills to be able to facilitate a mindfulness group. And it's given me the skills to facilitate that group within specific populations,"

one alum recalled about the practical outcome of their journey. Another alum reflected on the personal transformation and societal impact facilitated by the program:

"It's really structured my own practice and gave me the tools to be able to share it with a particular segment that I'm interested in: people in the population that are socially unfavored, or, as my teacher said, in the cracks of society."

EMI's unique approach, not just in deepening personal mindfulness practice, but in strategically equipping participants to reach those most in need, embodies the institute's mission to serve as a bridge to marginalized communities.

The comprehensive curriculum and the collective wisdom of our faculty, featuring mindfulness luminaries like Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg, inspire participants to explore new dimensions of teaching mindfulness.

"The depth and breadth of the knowledge of the people in this course have just opened up whole new ways of thinking about how to teach and how to be effective and help people to easily make meditation an effective tool in their lives,"

As we gear up for our 10th cohort, we invite you to join this impactful journey. With our comprehensive online coursework, robust community of practice, and intensive training retreats, you'll be well-equipped to bring mindfulness to those who can benefit most.

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