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How Mindfulness Training Transformed a Corporate Developer's Life

Updated: Apr 2

"I am Heidi, a computer developer at a big corporation, Bank of America. I am also a yoga teacher, which I am very passionate about. Yoga and meditation have transformed my life and helped me in the speedy, aggressive corporate world.

I jumped into this program after I saw the people, especially Fleet, leading it. I met Fleet in a couple of Shambhala mindfulness training programs in Los Angeles, which led me to this program.

First, I was excited, and of course, I have all these agendas in my brain, saying, "Oh, this is what I'm gonna accomplish and do."

And, of course, after sitting for a couple of days, everything has become calm, and what the program led me into in my journey was to deepen my practice. I felt like everything I had in my journey that I wanted to accomplish had all vanished, but in this good way, I completely cut open. It's scary at the same time but also very heartfelt. And I feel like this program is completely different than I expected, but it's also so profound.

I'm very happy that this program is designed in such a way that it turns us inwards to deepen our practice, then we can engage and reach outwards, which is very essential. 

After three days of silence with a fantastic group of people who were working very hard and practicing with a genuine open heart, I found that everything that I do right now, even nudging a cup of water, opening the door, turning the water on in the morning, and stuff like that, I started paying attention with a lot of awareness. That 'Okay, now I'm touching this, and I'm drinking,' with much gratitude and appreciation.

I would love to remind myself of everything I do, be mindful of my body and feelings, and take responsibility and accountability for my feelings and thoughts, too. I'm not judging about it, you know, just very gentle. Of course, I see everything around me through one eye, especially somebody in front of the mirror, which is me, but I can be kind to myself to be kind to others. So, this is the first thing I want to take into my practice. 

When I go to teach, especially when I teach yoga, now I'm going to be mindful about the student as well, where they're coming from.

They might have special needs; they might have special feelings and emotions come up during the class. Right now, because of my practice, I can relate to them, and I could be more genuine and have compassion for the student and come up with a way to accommodate this based on their needs."


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