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Mindfulness Training as a Tool for Transformation

Updated: Apr 2

Our Grads say: "The elements of engagement and working with people who don't have the opportunity to get exposure to this kind of work is what really drew me in. This program in particular spoke specifically to something that I wanted to do. It's been exhilarating, and it's been grueling.

The grueling part has been that every time I sit and get still, I have old injuries that come up. And so there's quite a bit of pain involved. I spoke to Fleet about it, and he helped me in terms of how to work with it, how to be with it, how to be curious, and how to check it out and explore it. So that's been helpful. It hasn't gotten better, but it's gotten easier to sit with it. "

"And the exhilarating part is just being part of the retreat. Just being around the people that are here. Just being around the staff that's here. Just the overall experience has been a welcoming and embracing experience. I've felt taken in and taken care of. "

It feels okay to be here. I feel comfortable. And I feel like I've learned a lot about mindfulness, particularly around my personal practice, all the sitting and all the walking, you know, it's making a difference!

It's been worth it, for sure.


Become a Mindfulness Teacher Becoming a mindfulness teacher is a multi-faceted journey that transcends personal enrichment, extending into societal transformation. It's a calling rooted in the profound belief that each individual possesses the innate capacity for self-awareness, inner peace, and compassionate action. As you embark on the path of mindfulness teaching, you're propelled by a deep-seated desire to share the transformative power of mindfulness with others. This journey isn't merely about acquiring knowledge or mastering techniques; it's about embodying mindfulness as a way of being and guiding others toward their inner awakening.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey that connects you deeply with a community of mindful learners? Join our next mindfulness teacher training course and experience the power of structured learning and meaningful connections for yourself.

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