Life Journey of a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator

Updated: Jan 11

From The Times News

By Isaac Groves

EMI Level One Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, Bob Martin, shares his life journey.

Mindfulness is pretty simple, really. In any given moment, people are thinking about what they had for breakfast, what their clothes look like, how they’ll get their work done today, the state of their career or marriage, and — oh, yeah — What’s going on now?

“The most important moment there is is the one right now because it’s the only one where you can do anything,” Martin said.

Martin says he gets up a 4 a.m. each day and spends 30 minutes on his red cushion in his den. People think meditation means clearing your mind completely, which is basically impossible. People don’t always like to be alone with those thoughts. After all, they are not always kind to themselves.

“Mindfulness is about not running from the discomfort,” Martin said. “It’s kind of like going to the gym for your mind.”

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