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This is EMI's playlist on Goodreads with books we recommend.

This playlist is updated frequently! 

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with IMTA

We were the first organization to be authorized by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. 

All of our graduates are eligible to receive the highest

IMTA certification of Mindfulness Teacher Professional Level.  CMT-P

Training Components

In-Depth Coursework


Some of the richest learning will occur through joining with your training cohort (limited to 50 participants per year) online for a deep dive into the foundations of mindfulness and all aspects of teaching. Online coursework includes lectures, discussions, readings, exams, and written assignments.

Communities of Practice


The training includes ongoing participation in a robust, online Community of Practice led by an EMI Faculty member. In your small (6-8 participants), bi-weekly Zoom group, you will share your learning about the key concepts of the training and practice teaching and receiving feedback. You will also be meeting with your faculty group leader one- on-one two times during the training to work with you on developing your teaching skills.

Intensive Training 

 Online or In-Person

Four intensive retreats -the first two online retreats focus on deepening your practice, and the second two are  'training' retreats where you will present mindfulness and receive feedback from your peers. The second two retreats can be attended online or in person at our retreat center in Deerfield MA, US.

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