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The EMI Community site is where we host our many courses, announce events,

and connect with peers. 

We bring together mindfulness practitioners to deepen our practice and share knowledge in the community to cultivate a path towards less suffering for ourselves and those we work with through continued education, inquiry, development, and growth. What Makes Our Community Unique Our strength lies in the distinct features we offer and the shared objectives, values, and goals that unite our members. Here are a few unique aspects of our community: 1. We provide a compassionate platform for mindfulness practitioners from different walks of life, fostering a global network of like-minded individuals as enthusiastic about engaged mindfulness as you are. 2. We champion continuous learning and sharing. Our community is not just a hub for exchanging information and experiences but a dynamic space where you'll find ongoing education, deep inquiry, personal development, and growth opportunities. 3. Our collective vision of cultivating a path towards less suffering for ourselves and those we work with forms the cornerstone of our community.

Virtual Zendo

EMI has hosted a Virtual Zendo for over ten years.

Join us on Zoom for practice!

TIMES: (all ET)

Mondays - Fridays:

7:00 - 7:30 am Deepen your practice with recorded guided sessions.

Noon - 12:30 pm (silent)

(Join our community for event details)

Online Courses

Continued Education & Growth

We offer free and paid courses to deepen your practice, expand your skill set, and share your experiences with others. 

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training (IMTA accredited, 300hr and 500hr)

  • Path of Freedom (mindfulness-based emotional intelligence for prisoners)

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Trauma-informed Facilitation 

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Social Meditation

  • Neuroscience & Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness Based Wellness and Resiliency

  • Community Engaged Mindfulness

  • Drama & Empowerment Triangles

  • Integral Theory

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OFFERING NOW: Free Course:

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Be a part of the Journey

The strength of our community lies in the diversity of our members, their shared experiences, and their collective journey toward fostering mindfulness. Getting involved in our community means contributing to a vibrant and flourishing space committed to the growth and enrichment of each of us. As we navigate this rewarding route together, let's create a collective impact that spans across the globe!


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