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Five Steps to Becoming a Mindfulness Teacher

Updated: Apr 11

Here are five steps you can follow to become a mindfulness teacher:

  1. Practice mindfulness meditation daily for several years: A strong foundation in formal mindfulness practice is essential before teaching mindfulness to others. 

  2. Educate yourself by reading books and taking courses on mindfulness to deepen your understanding of the practice.

  3. Retreats: Attend several teacher-led mindfulness retreats. These are now readily available online and at retreat centers worldwide.   

  4. Join a teacher-led practice group: Find an experienced mindfulness teacher who leads regular practice groups. This provides guidance and support as you develop your practice. There are many options for mindfulness practice groups online and in person. 

  5. After all of the above, get certified by taking a mindfulness teacher training program: Engaged Mindfulness Institute's Teacher Training is available online and in person. Through deep training, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to teach mindfulness effectively.

Teaching Mindfulness: The Bottom Line

Continuously learn and grow: As with any skill, it is essential to learn and grow as a mindfulness teacher over time and continuously. This can include taking additional training courses, joining groups with fellow meditators, doing meditation retreats, reading new books, listening to talks by experienced teachers, and seeking out opportunities for professional development. The bottom line is: you can't teach something you don't practice and know deeply!

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