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Spring Retreat Success! 2016-17 Training Concludes

In early May we held our annual Training Retreat in Deerfield, MA.

The 39 participants in our 2016-17 Mindfulness Facilitator Training (Year One) and 13 participants in our Mindfulness Teacher Training (Year Two) gathered at Windhorse Hill Retreat Center.

The retreat consisted of silent mindfulness practice and extensive practice teaching. Retreat leaders Fleet Maull and Janet Solyntjes modeled how to give guided mindfulness instruction, including basic mindfulness meditation, body scan meditation, and loving-kindness/compassion meditation. Year One participants, here for seven days, had ample opportunity to exercise and develop their teaching skills. They practiced teaching in triads and small groups, with feedback from peers and the retreat leaders.

Year Two participants were here for 10 days of retreat, honing their teaching, nonviolent communication, and group facilitation skills through intensive workshops and training.

This retreat marks the conclusion of the year-long training for Year One and the two-year-long training for Year Two. They are now busily working to complete their final certification requirements.

We welcome this new group of soon-to-be Certified Mindfulness Facilitators and Teachers, ready to enter the world to offer the transformative power of mindfulness with compassion and humility.

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