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For First Time, Inmates Teach Mindfulness to Others Behind Bars

From Northwest Dharma Association

By Tenzin Gache

Four Washington state prison inmates are making history by becoming the first inmates certified to teach Path of Freedom, an emotional intelligence program based on mindfulness meditation.

As certified trainers the four are starting to teach the 12-week curriculum to other men behind bars. The Path of Freedom program was developed by the Massachusetts-based Prison Mindfulness Institute.

These enthusiastic and dedicated men are venturing into uncharted territory.

Path of Freedom has been taken into prisons across the U.S. and Europe for many years, but only by outside volunteers who pay for and complete a six-week online training course.

This initiative is important because prisoner-facilitated classes have the potential for “growing” the program and getting it to a greater number of people behind bars, both men and women.

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