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Mindfulness Practices for Veterans

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

from Points of Light

Using Mindfulness Practices to Help Veterans Find Hope, Healing and Empowerment

“I was appalled by the statistic of 22 veteran suicides per day in our country. With all the resources I thought were available in the U.S., how could there still be such deep suffering and despair that our veterans could find their only remedy in taking their own lives?” says Gail Soffer. “After a lifetime of nonprofit work with international humanitarian aid and peace initiatives, how could I not try to help our veterans find a place of peace here at home?”

Gail Soffer is the founder and executive director of the Mindful Warrior Project. Combining vast experience in both nonprofit management and wellness modalities, she brings simple, secular mindfulness practices to veterans, as well as active duty, guard, and reserve, their family members, and their service providers to build a comprehensive community of care and support, so they can “Be Free, Be Well, and Be Whole” in their daily lives.

Read the full article here.

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