How Tuning In to Your Body Can Make You More Resilient

From Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley


…it’s possible to strengthen your own body-based somatic intelligence to quickly respond to and recover from any sense of threat to your safety or well-being. What is somatic intelligence? It’s understanding how your body responds to danger and using that knowledge to support your body as you go through life—which, if you’re human, is bound to be filled with at least some adversity. …

To better support our natural somatic intelligence, we need to soothe our nervous system through body-based practices that steady our brain’s perceptions of and responses to danger and help us retain a sense of safety. Once we master some of these techniques, we are prepared for more resilient coping, learning, and growth.

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Want to learn more embodied approaches to mindfulness for resilience and teach those skills to others? Consider becoming a certified mindfulness teacher yourself!

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