Hospitals Address Physician Burnout By Focusing On Mindfulness, Empathy

From Peoria Public Radio


Hospitals and medical schools in Peoria and nationwide are beginning to address an issue that’s ailing the healthcare industry. Rates of physician burnout, depression and suicide are markedly higher than the general population.

Experts estimate between 300-400 physicians kill themselves annually in the US. National statistics on depression among medical students and residents are also concerning, at about 30 percent.

Physicians who suffer feelings of burnout and depression provide less quality care for their patients. That’s according to the latest research, which also finds that doctors’ ability to empathize directly impacts patient outcomes.

“We have been predominantly concerned with the technical skills and the knowledge that are required for the practice of medicine,” Soares said. “But we forget that there’s an individual that’s delivering that.”

Bento Soares is proposing a solution that requires a new mindset.


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