Fear and the Black Body

From Mindful.org

By Marisela Gomez and Richard Goerling

Social justice activist Dr. Marisela Gomez and Police Lt. Richard Goerling stand on seemingly opposite sides of the heart-wrenching conflict unfolding in America between communities of color and the police.

Dr. Gomez is a community activist, author, public health professional, and physician who has spent more than 20 years in Baltimore involved in social justice activism and community building. She is the author of Race, Class, Power, and Organizing in East Baltimore. Lt. Goerling has served in civilian law enforcement for twenty years and has spent the last decade spearheading the introduction of mindfulness training into policing in the United States as part of a larger cultural transformation toward a compassionate, skillful, and resilient warrior ethos.

Both believe that mindfulness, as a common thread, offers a solution for transcending fear, diffusing violence, fostering understanding, and inviting transformation.

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