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Dial in to Awakin Call with EMI Founder Fleet Maull

Awakin Call is a weekly conference call that anyone from around the world can dial into. It is completely free, without any ads or solicitation. Each call features a unique theme and an inspiring guest speaker.

From the Awakin Calls website:

Waking Up Rather Than Killing Time Behind Prison Walls 

Our guest this week commenced an extraordinary journey to deepen his meditation practice while inside the chaos of prison walls, and then to teach others. When you are in difficult physical circumstances, are you able to maintain personal practices of prayer and meditation? What are the optimal physical, social, and mental conditions for you to maintain an active practice? How can you deepen your practice and your commitment to practice even without such optimal circumstances? How have you transformed a period in your life of deep turmoil into one of deep healing and transformation?

See more information and join the call here.

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