MTT 300 Learning Path

Our Yearlong training involves two retreats and 7 months of online coursework plus bi-weeky zoom calls. 

MTT 300 Learning Outcomes

1) Acquire knowledge of classical and modern scientific foundations for mindfulness practice.
2) Establish a consistent mindfulness meditation and mindful movement practice for enhanced teaching context and personal wellness.
3) Develop practical skills in building resilience, compassion, and empathy and in teaching these same skills to students / supporting students in doing the same.
4) Develop skills in guiding basic mindfulness practices including mindfulness of body and breath, body scan, and compassion meditation.
5) Develop an effective teaching and facilitation style to skillfully engage with individuals and facilitate small groups.
6) Develop the knowledge, skill, and sensitivity required to teach mindfulness and facilitate mindfulness-based interventions in a manner appropriate to the interest, cultural, and educational background, and health status of the individuals and groups you are working with, especially at-risk individuals, vulnerable populations, and underserved communities.